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Poison and Chemical gas attack

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Poison and Chemical gas attack Empty Poison and Chemical gas attack

Post by Admin Thu Jun 29, 2017 5:54 pm

181. Soup (11/21)

Poisoning is a traditional method to murder. There is no exception for Feds. But they do it in different way. They made it more like a natural disease or sometimes, directly plant virus or germ to the victims.

Sometime about 92 (? If I can't remember the exact time, I put a "?") my wife started to suggest me to go to the restaurant which Mr. X owned. Mr. X was a seller in Flea market. I thought he was an informant of Feds so I refused. My wife kept suggesting to go to Mr. X's restaurant although she knew I didn't like him and that restaurant was far away from our house. Her repeating suggestion caused my suspicion. What was it for?

One day when I was having meal with my wife, she took out two cups of soup. She gave me one "This beef soup is for you. I have that WonTon soup. I bought them from Mr. X's restaurant."

The long accumulated suspicion broke out. I was angry. "You know my opinion about Mr.X. Why are you keeping request me to eat his food? Is there something in the soup? You drink it." I pushed the beef soup cup to her.

My wife didn't say a word. She sat there, lowered her head, dare not to watch me. When I urged her " drink it, why you dare not drink it?" She had a strange reaction. She held a piece of chopstick, soaked it into the beef soup, then slowly put the chopstick into her mouth. She might drink a drop of soup or even less. Obviously she was forced to do so. So she herself suspected the soup might have been poisoned. That's the only way she could do then - pretended tasting a little soup.

After my anger fading away, I realized my wife was forced to do so. I hurried to finish the meal. Left her behind to take care of that full cup of beef soap. Later when I got familiar with Feds tactic, I know that even she drank the whole cup of soup. Nothing would happen. They murder with low dose poisoned food to make it look like a natural death.

182. Sandwich

when I went to Galt Market every Tuesday then, I used to buy my lunch a day before from a Vietnamese food store. The customers were Asian people because the food was traditional Asian style. So it caught my eye when I saw a white man in sandwich cabinet whom was talking with sales ladies. The white man left right away when he saw me coming in. I felt it was unusual because he left without buying anything.

I told the sales ladies I want three sandwiches. The sales ladies looked flurried, turned their sights away and walked away to take care other customers whom came later. I was left alone for a few minutes. It was a deliberate negligence, I was angry. Then another saleslady just coming from other room picked my order. She took three already made sandwiches from a saving cabinet for me. It was unusual because they always made it on order. (customer could choose different meat and vegetables) The odd things puzzled me. It seemed they got these sandwiches particularly prepared for me.

Next day, after a busy morning, I was hungry. Looking at the sandwiches, I recalled the strange scene the day before and beef soup event. Did they put some poison in sandwich? I tried a small bite, taste is normal, than another bite.... I finished a sandwich, threw away the other two and waited for something to happen. Nothing happened.

It was contradict to my suspicion of poisoning. The above two events puzzled me for sometime. What happened exactly?

186. Slow poison (12/6/03) (continue to message 181 and 182)

When I thought over what happened to the sandwich and beef soup. I recalled an article in Readers' digest. It was a story about a defect Russian pilot.

Lt. Viktor Belenko drove a Mig-25 to Nakodate, Japan on 9/6/1976. The Mig-25 was the most advanced fighter in Russia at that time. US experts flied to Japan, dismantled the plane and had a thorough examination. They returned the dismantled Mig fighter to Soviet Union about ten days later. The defect pilot, was under "witness protection" and lived in somewhere US.

I noticed the article talked about that once authority had suspected this was a fake defection because the expert found some most important part of technique were missing in the plane. The article also talked about that Belenko refused a huge rewards. (millions of dollars) He said he wanted to make a living by his own hands. That his defection was not for money but for opinion. It's real incredible for money oriented intelligence, I think.

The thing impressed me most was the pilot was poisoned when he was hidden in witness shelter. Belenko was still young but he was bald. The medical examination concluded that it was caused by slow poison of a kind of rare metal. (I forgot the name of that metal) The article, of course, alleged it to the work of KGB. I don't believe it. Few people would know where the pilot was if he was under "witness protection". And it was easy to identify the person who had access to pilot's food. (Slow poison took a long time work.) Most likely he became a Quinea pig for intelligence in test of slow poison. When he was of no use but a burden for them.

There are many such examples. The most known one were former Phillipine President Marcos, and former Iranian Tsar Barlivie. When they were rulers they were loyal ally of US. Once they lost power and had to drift abroad they became a political burden of US. Because they were ousted by their own people. Barlivie even couldn't find a shelter in US.. They both died in a short time. ( in about three years or less?) Marcos died of kidney failure and Barlivie died of cancer(?)

There are many advantages of slow poison murder. 1. Work covertly. All death are like a natural one. (like diabetes, kidney failure, cancer...) 2. Control the death on will. They can make target getting sick by slow poison, once the death is neccesary for Feds, what they have to do is just increase the dose, the target died to intelligence' demand without causing a suspicion. 3. Deniable. If the lethal dose is 100 gram, they can dilute the actual poison dose at 1 gram each. So it's safe for them even if they were caught. Because it' s not lethal. 4. It's hard to track because the dose each time used is a tiny one.

This explains what happened in sandwich and beef soup story. The people involved behaved strangely. They thought there was something in food. Nobody knew it was a slow poison, and anybody could eat it and nothing would have happened unless they were fed for a long time. Later, I still noticed they slowly poisoned me. I omit the story here because there is more urge information to tell. I'll post them if there is chance.

Though I couldn't feel the poison before. The situation changed this year. Since this July, they aggressively intensified the persecution. Include poison which I think led to the cancer outbroke on my father in law. I feel unwell after eating poisoned food. This is one reason I said they are going crazy. Feds increased poison dose. They are in a hurry

187. Drinking water (12/11/03)

We used to buy drinking water from coin operated water machine stood outside the super market. Sometime in late 2000(?), my wife told me to buy water from a store. She bought a member card there, so when I went to buy water, I only have to tell the staff the name of my wife and needed not to pay. (She bought a membership card there) It was a drinking water store newly opened in shopping center.

In my house, my father in law drank tea which using boiling tap water. My wife rarely drank at home or she drank with boiling water too. Only my daughter and I drank the cold water bought from machine. Sometime at that period my daughter started to drink bottle water. I noticed this because bottle water is much expensive than the water bought from water store. When I saw my wife bought case of bottle water, I thought she was too spoil our daughter to waste money. But I said nothing about it. How could I knew this meant something else?

Then I had a pain in arm bone. As the pain became more frequently happened, I worried. I recalled a news story. Quite a lot of people lived in a city of Japan got a strange illness - bone ache. At last they found it was because their drinking water was polluted by a chemical compound of mercury(forgot the name). Linked this story, the newly opened water store, and I becoming the only person who drank the water from that store. I realized where the problem came from. I stopped drink the water from that store. The pain in bone did not disappeared right away. It faded gradually as time pasted and at last, no more.

It's easy to switch the water supply from normal tank to poisoned water tank. What happened when there were other people buying water at the same time? There is a row of water tap there. I think they don't care. Because each time the dose is small and won't cause immediate problem.

188. Increase the poison dose

I did most kitchen work at home. Every night, there used to be four of us: my daughter, my wife, her father and I had supper together. Since this July, when my wife introduced "health juice", less and less people had supper together, and after my father in law was sick in early August, I was the only one took meal on table.

I noticed my daughter almost didn't eat at home since July. July was summer vacation. Everyday near noon, there always were call from her classmates, she went out until after super. When the school season began, she had special program which required her to stay in school until On week-ends, my wife often took her eat outside. My wife, since then, used to come back after My father in law couldn't eat normally since early August.

I suspected one source of poison came from the "free food". (see "167. The frame case is going on (9/26)"), even I tried not to touch it, I couldn't avoid it all the time. Because there were so much: from bread, cereal, can food, to fresh vegetable like cabbage, onion, mushroom .... and fruit. Frankly I didn't feel any unwell if I ate these food. Probably poison dose was light because more people fed on it. The "free food" supply stopped after I posted message #167.

Another source probably came from "gift food". My wife used to bring home candy, cake, cookie, said it was gift from customers. But in this July, the "moon cake" she brought home was different. (A Chinese cookie for "Moon Festival") I was indisposed after testing a piece of it. Obviously Feds increased poison dose. We shared one piece of moon cake. Nobody touched the rest since. There were four pieces of cake in one tin box. The rest three and another tin remained on dining table for five months untouched. A few days ago they disappeared after I talked about poison.

When I have meals alone at home these days, I felt indisposed. The symptoms are: 1. coughing which may start right away after meal and could last for several hours. 2. Indispose feeling in liver area. 3. Itch at joint area of arm and elbow. ( from lymph?) 4. Red urine. Urine colour is deep yellow like red. ( blood inside?) These may be from different poison because I observed them by separate testing of food.

189. Poison food in super market (12/16)

I have no drive license. (see "64. My Brother in law was targetted".) Food was brought home by my wife. So I went shopping myself by bike. But soon it didn't work too. I still felt the above symptoms. Did they poison food in super markets I went? ( I went to several markets.) I did a test. There is a super market I rarely go because the price is extremely expensive there. (e.g. the egg is 2.60 to 3.25 a dozen compare 0.99 a dozen in Chinese super market, vegetable price are twice or triple expensive) I bought some food there and made a meal. It worked. None of the above symptoms appeared. Which means they go crazy to poison food in super market I frequently go.

How did Feds do it? I found they particularly poisoned the food I used to consume. For example, Tofu and egg, vegetable and fish are the food I bought everytime. I noticed the brand I used to buy was in scarcity. Usually there are bunch of boxes of Tofu in cabinet, piled up high, now the brand I used to buy were only four left when I came. There were 20 column rail of egg, now most were empty when I went there. Or only two fish left which I used to buy. Left me little to choose. They force me buy from limited quantity which were poisoned food.

Another tactic is to lure me in with low price. I have no income so I always buy the cheapest. Once in Chinese super market they marked the cheapest fish even cheaper. It was 1.19 a pound, it marked: "Special today, 0.99 a pound if not fry." (They have a fry service, and I always asked that service) I at that time was aware of their tactic and didn't buy. But I was puzzled at "no fry" mark. Why? I thought it was probably the poison on fish would spread into oil and made my fish not much poisoned after fry. Also it would pollute the other fish asked for fry service.

I tried next time. I picked up two fish and called for service. There were three salesmen with no customers at that time. The one I called for was reluctant at first. He watched at the other two men. The two turned their sight away. One hurried to find some clean work to do and another just walked away. Same scene like what happened in sandwich store 10 years ago. (see "182. Sandwich") The nearest salesman had to attend me. When I told him to fry it, he handed the fish back and said, "it's too frozen to fry". This never had taken place before. All fish are in same cabinet and always covered by fry service. I knew why and just left.

All these happened in recent months. When they failed in other way, Feds aggressively increase the poison dose and distributed the poisoned food to me in a rogue's way. What if other people bought the poisoned food? They don't care. Though the dose was increased, it won't kill instantly. That's one advantage of "slow poison". I don't know if the salesmen knew these fish were poisoned or not. But at least they were told not to fry some kind of fish. (The kind I used to buy)

Because of their strange behaviour I think these salesmen knew me (someone showed my picture to them? Or alert them a few minutes before I arrived at super market?). I don't go to super market often except these two months.

I now have to abandon normal food I used to have and try some other variety randomly.

167. The frame case is going on (9/26/03)


In July, I smelled an odour. I went to kitchen, my father in law told me he was boiling Chinese medicine. Someone advised him to do so to cure his coughing. Almost at sametime, someone else gave my wife a juice prescription, said it was good for health. So my wife bought a juice machine and almost drank "health juice" everyday in July. I refused to drink it, because some vegetable were from "free food". It was from lady V. Like G-lady, V introduces customers to travel company to earn commission if they buy tickets. V also is a volunteer in welfare organization. These free food were from the organization she worked. I seldom touch these food. Because of my particular situation, I'm afraid of poison.

In early August, my father in law became very sick. He couldn't eat anything, even couldn't drink milk. Then my wife got sick too. She had a severe diarrhoea for one week. . The symptom looked like it was cancer.Because it took place at the time I suffered from internet attack, I worried that they were poisoned by eating material which caused cancer. Though my wife and her father insisted it was a coincidence, they abandoned Chinese medicine and "health juice".

This month doctors found there are tumours in my father in law's lung and esophagus. The report of if it is cancer or not will come these days. My wife still brings home the "free food" everyweek. The refrigerator is full. She has to put them on the floor. I never touch them. She hasn't touch them since she got sick in early August. Seeing her throwing the rotten vegetable into garbage can, I wonder why she knew nobody wants it but still keep on bringing it home. Maybe that's a mission someone assigned to her. She even dares not refuse the questionable food and speak out her suspicion. (What she can say is "it's coincidence") When the government label this one "enemy combatant" and that one "terrorist", I found the biggest terrorist is among themselves.

168. Swift response (10/6/03)

In last message I talked about "free food" which was put on the floor. I posted the message on 10/1, next day, the cabbage, onion, pepper were all moved away. Was there material which would cause cancer in it? or was it too unusual a view that vegetable to be laid on floor? I don't know. The vegetable moved away were not found in garbage can. So my wife must have taken it to somewhere else. The swift and unusual treatment of "free food" ensured me that it was an action to eliminate evidence.

When B told about his story in New York, he said first to me, "I know you'll link it to Feds again, but I think it's coincidence." They have suspicion but dare not say anything. B always said, "I've done nothing wrong, there is no reason they hurt me." But because they know my story, and could be witness against Feds, (I think Feds had contacted all my relatives and acquaintance for information and cooperation). For Feds' own safty, they'll eliminate potential witness against them. Just like Malvo and Muhammad, they might think they worked for Feds, never thought of being framed as snipers. Or like Kennedy's family. To prevent JFK's brothers to be elected as US President, they assassinated Robert Kennedy and propagated a scandal to stop Edward Kennedy to join president campaign. And the early death of Jacklin Kennedy and accidental death of their son, Kennedy Jr. , were all methods to prevent any possible investigation in the future.

My father in law has had a X-Ray examination when he had eating problem. Doctors said they found nothing wrong from X-Ray picture. When he was unable to drink in early August, (he was better after he stopped drink Chinese Medicine and "health juice") we arranged him for a stomach mirror inspection. It was on 9/8. Doctor found there was a tumour in his esophagus. But Lab report said it was not a cancer. Doctor is an expert, to his experience he said it looks like a cancer and he doubted lab's report. He asked for a second thorough examination on 9/28. Lab's report is still negative on cancer but doctor found more tumour in lung of My father in law. He is now staying in hospital for further examination.


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Poison and Chemical gas attack Empty Re: Poison and Chemical gas attack

Post by Admin Fri Jul 07, 2017 4:34 pm

201. Excitant (2/1)

In early 90's, there was a short period my sisters and my mother came to San Jose to have dinner with my family. It was unusual because in Chinese tradition young generation should visit old people. I used to go San Francisco to visit my mother, not they visiting me.

One day after dinner in restaurant, I went to pick up my car. No body was in parking lot. In a quiet situation, I found I was in an excite mood which I had never felt before. Recalling my relatives repeatly asked me about the information of my friends, even tracing whereabouts of classmate of my primary school when we chatted in dinner, I suddenly realized I was poisoned by excitant which made me talkative. Obviously Feds manipulated my relatives to ask question they interested to squeeze more information from me with the help of excitant.

I had no secret to talk about but I did talk a lot of story of how Feds detect people which I think they don't want others to know. So such kind of re-union was soon stopped.

202. Malvo's confession

In DC sniper shooting case. When Lee Boyd Malvo was arrested, he kept his mouth shut up. But in an interrogation a week later, "Malvo was talkative, smiling, even bragging in response to indirect questions from investigators, sources said."(S.J.M.N.)

In another report from "Virginian-Pilot":


By TONY GERMANOTTA, The Virginian-Pilot
L July 25, 2003

Quote, "Malvo had refused to talk to investigators, invoking his fifth amendment rights, his attorneys argued.

On his first day at Supermax, Malvo would only gesture and point, Stracke said. The next day, when Stracke came by to check on him, Malvo pounded on the plexiglass window of his cell and pointed to a fish dinner that Davis had on his desk.

Malvo, a vegetarian, was not eating the regular prison meals. They had been giving him salads, Stracke said.

After being given fish to eat, , Malvo opened up."

"The guards testified that Malvo said he was particularly proud of shooting Franklin because he had to hit her as she stood between a pair of posts. He told the men that he ``took her head off.'' "

You can see Malvo opened his lip after he was lured to a dish specially prepared for him. (Though article said it was a dish of guard.) And Malvo's talk didn't make sense even guard thought Malvo was exaggerating.

Malvo's behave showed he was medicated (or in another word, poisoned) by something to talk. Under the influence he was forced to talk as much as he could, even exaggerating. It was possible an excitant or something unknown for outsiders which force the victim losing control of mind, behaved unusual and doing something exaggerating with imagination. It's a tactic intelligence used to do to squeeze information from their target.

203. Iowa surprise

Howard Dean is a target of insider group because he is the one who fiercely anti-war. Dean lost Iowa primary. His rate from the leading one dropped to the third place, (16% vs Kerry's 38%) It was unusual, consider 75% Iowa voters are against war. It can be viewed as poll result was manipulated by intelligence.

And to suppress Dean more, they seemed using same tactic to vilify Dean. Dean likely was poisoned by some excitant or something influential on his sentiment in the meeting before Iowa Primary. Dean behaved extreme excite that night. Media (which are under stronghold of inside group) took the chance to propaganda Dean was "lunatic", "crazy"....

Intelligence covert work was largely used in campaign if you still remember Water Gate scandal. Especially by inside group who controls Feds. Here is another recent report:

Republican caught spying on Demo
Thursday 22 January 2004
Senate Panel's GOP Staff Pried on Democrats

WASHINGTON -- Republican staff members of the US Senate Judiciary Commitee infiltrated opposition computer files for a year, monitoring secret strategy memos and periodically passing on copies to the media, Senate officials told The Globe.

Iowa surprise is not a surprise for me. It was only another example of how Feds abused the power to rig an election.


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Poison and Chemical gas attack Empty Re: Poison and Chemical gas attack

Post by Admin Fri Jul 07, 2017 4:36 pm

216. Poison tap water (3/29/04)

When the food was poisoned and symptoms were observed, I always changed the food to identify which one was poisoned. Then threw the poisoned food away.

In later Feb. and early March, for more than a week, I found the colour of my urine kept being in red. I couldn't identify the source however I changed the food. At last, I concluded it must be something very basic I had to have everyday - water. I went to super market, bought a bottle of water. It worked. The urine colour turned into plain yellow from red.

After I found the water bought from water store was poisoned which caused bone-ache, I abandoned it and turned into tap water. (see "187. Drinking water ") Now they even poisoned the running water. How do they confine the poisoned water to my residence, I don't know. But certainly it's great advantage for them to do so when most, if not all, the houses in communty are all their property.

What water the rest of my families drink? I noticed they stopped to buy bottle water and turn back to the water which is bought from water store. I don't touch it because I don't want Feds switch back to poison that water again.

217. Create a heat climate

While I was testing if it was water being poisoned, start from 3/7, bay area was attacked by an unusual heat wave. In consecutive 11 days, almost everyday the temperature broke the history record. The titles always being "Bay area records broken"

3/8.(S.J.M.N.) "Record warmth blankets region",
3/9. "San Francisco made it to 82 degrees - blistering a 112-year record high of 78 set in 1892.
3/11 "82 degrees, in Moffett Field, San Jose, old record 76 in 1946"
3/15 "10 records broken and 3 tied", "Oakland downtown, 81 degrees, old record 75 set in 1972."
3/19 "Among the records broken Thursday: King city 92, (old: 87, 1960)"

And you can see that when they broke the record, it was not a degree or two, its a big leap 5 or 6 degrees higher than the historical record.

I think it was a tactic to push people drink more water. For me, which meant Feds wish me to drink more poisoned water.

The economic and political situation doesn't allow the interest rate to stay low for such a long time. To finish my case to release their real estates property, Feds even poison the tap water and created a heat wave which never had happened in history that newspaper said the spring is coming a month early.


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Poison and Chemical gas attack Empty Re: Poison and Chemical gas attack

Post by Admin Fri Jul 07, 2017 4:38 pm

267. Poison and milk (11/9)

"Got milk?". Not long time ago I still saw there were plenty of milk advertisement in TV. Probably from last year(?) the milk ads disappeared from TV. The price of milk doubled from under two dollars a gallon to now over four dollars a gallon.

My family didn't drink much of milk. I rarely touch it because I thought it might cause obesity. A bottle of milk at my home used to stay in refrigerator for a week or two. About later last year, milk disappeared from our refrigerator. At that time, I thought maybe the fast going up price was the reason my wife didn't buy milk. (Later I think there was another possibility that she was instructed not to buy it.)

Last year also was the year Feds dramatically increase the dose of poison which caused the sickness and the death of my father in law. Early this year, when I found they even poisoned the tap water. I had to buy bottle water. But when I found some bottle water was poisoned too. I turn on to other drink. Milk was one of them.

I still remembered the first time I bought a bottle of milk this year. I put it in the refrigerator in the morning after shopping. In the afternoon, I found it was opened. It was unusual. My wife and my daughter only drank milk in breakfast. With suspicion, I did a test drink. It was poisoned. The color of my urine then became red.

It was a swift reaction of Feds. I bought bottle water too. But they seemed care for that milk. Why? I suddenly remembered a book I had read. It said the poison worked on human organ or nerve, had chemical reaction with their protein, caused damage on these organs. That's how some poison works. It said milk contains rich protein in liquid, easy to replace human organ to neutralize the poison. So milk is viewed as a reliever of toxin in emergent poison case.

The poison team of Feds are experts. That's why since last year they raised the price of milk when they intensify the poison plot. And had a swift response when I started to buy milk. But their reaction also alerted me. I at first bought milk as a way of water supply, now I view it also as a poison neutralizer.

On 7/16/04, my daughter had a later birthday party. (see 243. The late birthday party (7/24)) Though that party was projected for another framed case, the poison team still worked their way. They never miss a chance.

There were more than a dozen classmates of my daughter attending the party. They prepared a big birthday cake. They only ate about one third of that cake and left the big part behind. Next day I found the newly bought milk bottle was opened and almost emptied. My daughter said her friends felt thirsty when they ate the cake and demanded milk. Maybe I was ignorant, but in my experience, I didn't see anyone drink milk for the birthday cake. There were plenty of soda, they even came with a case of mineral water. But they turned on to milk when they enjoyed the cake.

With my knowledge about milk and their strange behavior, my conclusion was the cake was poisoned. As usual I did a test. The result proved I was correct. Recently Feds using a poison which would cause the corner of mouth broken. Doctor would diagnose it as a lack of Vitamin B. The symptom appears two to four hours after you eating the poisoned food and will be recovered in a day or two if you abandoned the contaminated food. It was used in food and in water as well.

Those teenagers might not aware of poison food. But I'm sure they were instructed to drink milk when they had cake. Of course, though I like cake, I wouldn't touch it when I found it was poisoned. The rest was thrown away several days later.

268. Birds, fruit and Poisoned tap water (11/14)

There are fruit trees in my yard. Every summer, my father in law (when he was alive) and I enjoy the apples and pears from our own trees. My wife and my daughter rarely touch them. They don't like fruit much.

Early this year, I found tap water was poisoned. I turned into bottle water. But for trees, I still had to use tap water. I wondered, would toxic chemical in water accumulate in fruit?

In later July the pear start to ripen , I carefully ate some. I felt nothing wrong at first when I had one pear. Then I increased the quantity. I took four or five a day. Two days later, I felt indisposition in liver area. Obviously, there was a low quantity of toxic material inside the fruit. If people ate many, the effect couldn't be neglected.

When the summer arrived, there always came a lot of birds to enjoy the fruit with me. Among them there was a bird with beautiful blue feather. I think it was a blue jay. The blue jay might have its nest nearby. It came every year. As usual, early this summer I saw it again. But only for a short period. I never saw the blue bird coming any more since July. The other birds were in grey colour. I think they were wild doves. I couldn't tell them individually because there were so many. But I did know some disappeared forever. Each time I went into yard, I saw some flied away birds having the body as big as the blue bird. Then I saw no more big doves.

On 7/22/04, Mercury News reported, "VIRUS, dead bird had West Nile". Next day on 7/23, another half page article said, "LABS, State researchers seek West Nile clues from dead birds". "If you're interested: To report dead birds which may be collected for testing, call the state hotline, (877) 968-2473"

The birds which died from poisoned fruit could have been many. Feds conveniently attribute the death to West Nile. They also did a research on the result of their job so they could improve their poison technique.

It took some time each day for me to take care of the trees. When I found the fruit was poisoned, I stopped to work on them. On 8/10, my wife picked up a big pear and put it on the table, said "It looks good. It's a pity to leave it alone." For a week or so She said nothing about pears and ate none of them which I picked up. Why she suddenly interested about it when I stopped to work on trees? I thought it was a swift reaction from Feds. The surveillance team wanted to know why I stopped the routine yard work and asked the question through my wife. I left her alone.

Next day, seeing the pear remained there untouched, she ate it. Though one fruit wouldn't hurt health much, I felt I have responsibility to warn her. I told her the tap water was poisoned, so the fruit grown up by these water was poisoned too. She said, "Nonsense." But then asked me what kind of sickness I felt.

On 8/15, 4 days after I warned about the toxic fruit, my brother and sisters came for them. They have been to my house for fruit before. What they picked up always were the big, ripe one. This time it's different. They picked up every piece they could reach, either it was raw or small. I think they were instructed to do so. But whatever they knew, I did my part. I warned them the fruit was poisoned.

Why cleaned the fruit from the tree? Maybe to eliminate the evidence that caused mass unusual death of birds. And the fruits might have ended up at Poison Lab of Feds.

290. Super market (2/9/05)

2/9 is Chinese New year's day. The meal of Chinese New Years eve. for Chinese is as important as Thanks Giving meal to Westerns. Early this month, when I asked my wife to drive me for some Festival food, she refused again and told me to shopping on foot. I view this as the intention of Feds. It seems they determined to eliminate me in road violence.

Then why my wife broke the rule to drive me for a food shopping on 1/29? (see "288. Vanished old case and new plan (2/4/05)) Because on that day, Feds arranged a family re-union. On the purpose to invite me to join a trip to China. They knew my relatives would drive me for a food shopping at my will. So they let my wife did it in advance because I had to go the store my wife drove me to. I was surprised for the easiness of my wife. That was the only one drive she gave in five weeks.

About half hour after we finished shopping, my relatives came. I then knew why my wife eased to give a drive. I still asked my brother in law to give me a drive despite my wife's protest that I just finished a shopping.

I led my brother in law to another shopping center about 20 minutes driving away. Where there is a water store supplying bottled water which was sealed right away after official examination of water quality. But on that day the owner of water store said the sealed bottle water was sold out which used to be plenty of.

I then went to the super market nearby and found big price gap between the stores I just attended to. For example, the vegetable was 0.59 a pound and apple was 0.39 a pound while in the store my wife brought me to was 0.99 and 0.59 appropriately. Such a price difference would drive customers from one store away to the other.

One year ago, the food Feds poisoned in super market was in small quantity and was concentrated on cheap items I used to buy. Then as I started to buy in random, Feds changed tactic too. The food they poisoned now are in large quantities, piles up in rack. (see "189. Poison food in super market (12/16/03) ) Bread, rice, milk, ham, bottled water, vegetables, potato chips, can food...... . To avoid too much people been poisoned, they set up several super-market in which food was poisoned most and price also tagged high. To drive customers away to the stores which priced lower where poisoned food is also less. That's why the store I was sent to by my wife were the expensive one.

But that will hurt the business of super market which priced high. How did Feds persuade the owner of these store to do so? For western style super market, it used to be chain stores such like Safeway, Albertson. Feds controls high ranking management, so there should be no problem for them. But Chinese store mostly are run by independent owners, how did Feds do on them?

In late 2003, when Feds aggressively increased poison dose, there was an arrest in my area which shocked Chinese society. An owner of super market and his accountant were arrested. Tax fraud was the charge. The bail was set up at 5 million dollars. The defendant couldn't afford such high bail, had to stay in jail. The case was in court again in mid-2004. Judge still maintained the same amount of bail. So the defendant still had to stay in prison. It was obviously an intimidation to Chinese super market business. If you don't obey, we can keep you in jail. Business loss or jail, which will you choose?


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Poison and Chemical gas attack Empty Re: Poison and Chemical gas attack

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309. Isotope, mole, cancer (5/7/05)

If you read my messages from begining, you know that my problem started with isotope money.

Isotope is a good tracer. It is invisible. It can be only detected by special instrument. People are not aware of it even they are traced by isotope. I think it is vastly used by Feds. But isotope also will hurt health. It's radioactive. So there is another usage other than tracing - killing. The victim used to have a cancer. It's a murder disguised in natural disease.

It was about in 2001,(?) when I was shaving one day, I sudenly noticed there were many new moles on my cheek. I used to take a side sleep. Mostly I slept on my right side, there were many moles on my right cheek. There were less moles on my left cheek because I slept less on that side.

The fresh black moles alarmed me. I thought Feds contaminated my pillow with radioactive material which would cause a skin cancer. (I'll use "isotope" for radioactive material hereafter) I changed the pillow and slept with clothes or towel underneath my head which I often washed. It works. Small moles faded away. Big mole, turned into pale black. It's no more the scaring oil-black colour.

Since Feds poisoned the tap water, I used to buy bottled water or got the water from other source such like gas station or rest room of store. But even these water were often found poisoned because I depended on other's drive which always guided me to the market where poisoned water and food were prepared in advance. So I used to test the water to make sure if it was "clean".

Started from February this year, I started to have cough after meal. It was a sympton that food contanimated with isotope. But I failed to identify the source. Once my wife had the supper at same time with me. She coughed after meal. My wife rarely touched the dish I cooked. The only common food we had was rice. But it was me cooked the rice. The ingredients were rice and water, both verified "clean" beforehand, what happened? I was puzzled.

Soon I solved the problem. A few days later I suddenly found there were many moles on the back of my hands. I was immediately aware of that the tap water was contaminated by isotope. I do the dish wash by hands everyday. (We never use dish-washer) Though I avoid to drink tap water, I wash with it. Both hands soaked in isotope tap water caused a skin cancer sympton - moles. It also explains why we coughed after eating the rice. Though I cooked rice with clean water, I washed it with isotope tap water which contaminated the rice. I wash with tap water to save "clean water".

I abandoned tap water right away. It works, one month later, the black mole on the back of my hands faded away. It reminds me of the radiation clean work by Feds last December. (see "274. Radiation", "275. Radiation 2 ") and Judge's cough which led him into the jail. . (see "298. Intimidate Judge (3/22/05)"

btw. Though 4/17 plot failed to be carried out, Feds did try on 4/29 and likely extends the frame case to May.

310. Poison and cover up (5/12/05)

From mid-2003, Feds intensified poison tactic on me. At first they sent the poisoned food in the name of free food, gift food. I felt apparent unwell after eating this kind of food. I became very careful on eating. My father in law, neglecting my warning, was found having a cancer in later 2003. He passed away on March 2004. (see #167.)

As I started to buy my own food, Feds started to poison the food in Super market too. At first in small quantity, then expanded it to various food and in large quantity. Although they tried to restrict me in limit store by guided drive, the poisoned food still hurt other innocent customers. Right now my wife just refuse a food drive. Leave me no choice but the nearest market I can reach on foot. You can imagine what kind of food are there for me.

Psychological propaganda is an important procedure in Feds' work. For 2004 campaign, media continuosly threw out "poll results" that Bush led over Kerry by 2% to justify a rigged election. To cover up the large scale poison up, media also let out aricles to justify.

The major poison Feds uses recently is isotope which will cause a cough. It won't be cured by coughing medicine or anti-virus medicine because the cause is not a bacteria or virus, it's isotope. Then there is such an article to justify the phenominon.

"Despite vaccinations, cases of whooping cough surging".
"CDC officials say the massive increase in whooping cough is primarily in adolescents who have gone at least five years since their shots, which is explained by waning immunity. Adults also are getting whooping cough." (S.J.M.N. 4/11/05)

Of course, doctors and patients will never have dreamed of the isotope. They have to take the explanation of newspaper and government officials.

Here are other cover up aricles I kept:

"The produce likely to have pesticides". "12 fruits and vegetables are the most contaminated by pesticides." (S.J.M.N. 10/21/03)

"COMMON GROCERIES HAVE TOXIC TRACES". A wide variety of food in US supermarkets (fish, pork, duck, cheese, butter, milk, chicken, ice cream and eggs) is contaminated with tiny doses of toxic flame retardants - PBDE. (S.J.M.N. 9/2/04)

"Restaurants to warn about fish". "Compaies settle lawsuit over high levels of mercury in some species" (S.J.M.N. 2/5/05)

"FARMS, Chemicals showdown". "California is still far from phasing out methyl bromide. Millions of pounds used per year." "Hazards: Highly toxic. Causes brain and neutrological damage; high concentrations can cause respiratory or cardia failure." (S.J.M.N. 2/9/05)

"Rocket-Fuel Chemical Found in Breast Milk
Wed Feb 23, 7:55 AM ETBy Marla Cone Times Staff Writer

Breast milk from 36 women in 18 states, including California, was sampled, and all contained traces of perchlorate.

Also reported by S.J.M.N. 2/24/05: "Breast milk toxin studied"

Recently, I failed several times to enter my own homepage in AOL. It said, "
Sorry, We Can't Find That Page". It hadn't happened before. It may signal that Feds will finish the case soon in a rougue's way.

311. A large scale poison project (5/17/05)

In last message #310, I referred cover up articles from Mercury News. They followed tightly to the poison plan of Feds.

In message #167, 168 (posted on 9/26/03, 10/6/03) I talked about poisoned vegetable. Then on 10/21, there was a news said vegetables were contaminated by pesticides.

Next year, Feds expanded their poison plan into supermarkets. The article "COMMON GROCERIES HAVE TOXIC TRACES"(9/2/04). was an announcement that food was poisoned in large scale: fish; meat, egg, dairy product......almost everything to make sure what I bought were toxic food. A lot of people would be suffered. To control the situation, a hospital was closed.

In same month on 9/26/04, Mercury News reported that San Jose Medical Center would close on 12/9. "Can we live with only two?" the article asked the question with one of Santa Clara County's three trauma centers set to close.

I think the purpose was to concentrate the sick people to the remain hospital so Feds could effectively collect the data of their victims to control the development of their poison project.

The close of hospital had attracted other investors but no one succeeded to take over. "Possible hospital investor drops out". News said. (11/11/04. S.J.M.N.) Since the close of hospital was part of Feds poison project, no one could disturb it even there was a demand.

I was aware of this big poison project when I wrote the poison message #309. I arranged the news collection about toxic food and found one toxic news in 2003, one in 2004, there were three in February 2005. (see #310) Obviously four months after they announced large scale toxic food, many victims fell sick in early 2005 .That is why there were three articles about toxic food in one month. Published with unusual frequency to justify the recent outbreak of cancer patients.

Started from February this year, more food was contaminated by isotope. It's a tactic to continue the poison plan when toxic caused doctors' attention. Then we saw the "whooping cough" article in April.

This country is controlled by an evil group. They don't care the lives of its citizens. For a target they worried very much they could sacrifice the lives of many other people. They even designed a big project to study how to control majority population by toxic food. It's their tradition. We saw it from "Northwood" plan. I also allege they are the one behind "Oklahoma bombing" and "911 attack". For their interest they'll do anything.


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Poison and Chemical gas attack Empty Re: Poison and Chemical gas attack

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313. Breast feeding and breast cancer (5/22/05)

Quote, "Rocket-Fuel Chemical Found in Breast Milk
Wed Feb 23, 7:55 AM ETBy Marla Cone Times Staff Writer

Scientists on Tuesday reported that perchlorate, a toxic component of rocket fuel, was contaminating virtually all samples of women's breast milk and its levels were found to be, on average, five times greater than in cow's milk.

The contaminant, which originates mostly at defense industry plants, previously had been detected in various food and water supplies around the country. But the study by Texas Tech University's Institute of Environmental and Human Health was the first to investigate breast milk.
The findings concern health experts because infants and fetuses are the most vulnerable to the thyroid-impairing effects of the chemical." (URL link at #310)

The February report about poisoned breast milk which threatens infants and fetuses reminded me another news related to breast feeding women several years ago. (I forgot the exact time when this news was reported) It said that scientists found that women who fed their infants with their own breast milk had much less chance to catch a breast cancer. Scientists couldn't find the reason. They only guess that the breast feeding may stimulate the women's immune system against cancer. So they suggest women to breast feed their infants instead of feeding by commercial milk.

I now have a different explanation.

1. Slow poison is vastly used as a murder weapon by Feds in this country. It used to cause cancer and made the death look like a natural disease. For women, most likely the result are breast cancer.

2. Feds avoid to poison breast feeding women because infants would have fallen sick before their mother. Infants have weak immune system. If doctors trace the toxic then the poison plot would have been revealed.

3. 1 and 2 explains why less breast feeding women caught breast cancer. Scientists didn't know what exactly happened and could only guess in their own way.

4. Feds succeeded before because the poison victim was used to be picked up selectively and poisoned individually. My case is unusual. I am aware of their tactic. To make sure the food I bought were poisoned, Feds poisoned food in large scale. This time they can't pick up victims. A lot of people were poisoned, include breast feeding women. So there is such a report.

5. Though the report said the sample came from different location, I think it was a cover up. How could rocket fuel in human's milk be five times more than in cow's milk? The purpose is to justify the outbreak of cancer in San Jose area and ensure the doctors there to believe the toxic is from nature. Unusual thing is, only in that month there were three articles talked about different toxic in food. In this great poison project, varies of toxic were used. The result is catastrophic. Those articles are emergent advice to doctors how to cure these sick people. It's easier to cure once you know the cause of illness. Seldom a doctor would have dreamed of it was caused by toxic - a deliberate poison.

314. Cancer warning (5/27/05)

When Feds started their large scale poisoning project, they expected there would be an outbreak of cancer patients. Started from early this year (or late last year?), there was a commercial in local Chinese TV. The familiar face of news broadcaster repeatedly told audience, "Recently many of my friends and relatives caught cancer. Watch your food. Having your vegetable evenly in 5 different color, red; yellow; green, (white?); purple."

The vegetable we consumed are mainly green. And I think it was also poisoned heavily. Feds advise people to turn onto other colors to reduce the chance to catch a cancer. Chinese TV station, of course, wouldn't have motive to produce this commercial, it must be financed by a government branch. The real people behind it, is Feds. I think.

I haven't seen this commercial any more after I wrote the message reveling the poison project.

In January, Mercury News reported, "Cancer is now the leading cause of death for Americans under age 85, surpassing deaths from heart disease for the first time, researchers said Wednesday." (1/20/05)

This was a psychological propaganda to justify the outbreak of cancer disease. Next month (February) they continued with detailed toxic articles. They had to do so to instruct doctors how to deal with the sudden surge of cancer patients.


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Poison and Chemical gas attack Empty Re: Poison and Chemical gas attack

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422. Poison food and Indian market (7/20/06)

"Why are you so afraid of eavesdropping (warrantless) if you have nothing to hide?" This is how Feds used to countercharge their critics.

Because in US, it means unreasonable search and arrest becoming legal. It means planting evidence and framing case becoming possible. It also means victim may suffer illegal torture and murder such like poisoning and EM wave shooting.

In mid April, I went to the post office to pick up tax form. I bought some food in a Chinese super market near the post office. There was a severe cough after I ate the meat bought there. The cough was so strong that I couldn't sleep for nights. It lasted several weeks. The poison might be some kind of radiation material (isotope). I had suffered such kind of poisoning before but none was so severe like this one. At same time, I also found some people coughing like me when I went to shopping. In my area, I think most people work for the Feds as support group. Those informants may think they work for justice. They never dreamed of they are working for an evil. In my case, I think many would have suffered poisoning when they pretending customers. In extreme cases they could become scapegoat such like Muhammad and Malvo in DC sniper case and ignorant suicides in London bombing case.

Then there was a news in Media:
Quote, "Book details Mossad's chocolate assassination
Poison a sophisticated weapon for Israeli intelligence
Saturday, May 6, 2006;

JERUSALEM (AP) -- Israel's Mossad secret service agency killed a Palestinian wanted for airplane hijackings by feeding him poisoned Belgian chocolate over six months in the late 1970s, according to a new book, the author said Saturday.

It seems Negroponte has introduced new poison for the Feds from Israel's Mossad.

On 6/30, I went to the post office to mail a "Foreign account" form to the Treasury. I went to that Chinese Super Market again. I had a desolate feeling. 6/30 was Friday. It was evening and should be the most prosperous time for the market. But there was much less people in the Super market then usual. Feds moved their support group away for some other mission? Or just to protect them from new poison from Israel? I puzzled. One thing impressed me very much was that Feds controlled at least half of the residents live in my area. Their decision could immediately desert a cheerful Super Market.

Scared to be bombed in public transit system, I hadn't set foot on bus for past six months. Now facing the danger of new poisoned food, I had to diversify my food sources.

Chain super market Albertson would shut down some branches because of slow business. Two of them are on the tram line I used to take. On 7/9, I saw an advertisement of inventory blew out. For the first time this year, I took a tram to a nearby Albertson.

There was an Indian food store next to the Albertson. For diversity, I went to that store too. I was used to be the only customer in that small store, two or three Indians more sometimes. But that day I found there were many Indian customers there. It was a big change after six months. Some of the Indians took the same tram when I came back. Several dropped off in same station I got off. Apparently, they live in my neighborhood. Feds moved a lot of Indians in.

It seems Feds moved many Indians in whom attended Indian store which I couldn't reach when I abandoned the public transit system. But when I start to take tram again, what will they do?

The response was swift. I took the tram on 7/9. One day later, on 7/11 there came the Mumbai bombing. Feds still will use the "terror attack" to eliminate. And justify it by Indian link.

453. November Surprise (12/5/06)

About two years ago, my daughter had bought a pocket size digital camcorder for 99 dollars. It was a rare bargain then. I thought it was a special deal Feds gave to its support group members. I had no chance to buy one like that at same price.

About one year ago, I learned my daughter preferred a new style digital camera to that video recorder. I offered to buy that old one. She hesitated. One day later, she agreed. It once puzzled me for a while. I think my daughter was manipulated by Feds. How could they agree to let me have a tool which would be used to record their action?

The puzzle didn't last long. The camcorder played well when I tested it. Then when I replaced the battery, I found the new battery wore out within minutes. I thought someone shorted the circuit. It made the camcorder virtually not workable.

Last month before Thanksgiving day, I saw the pocket size digital camcorder in advertisement again. The price is around 99 dollars, still the same as it was two years ago. I also saw it was on the advertisement of Albertsons. Albertsons is a food chain store. Electronics device is not its merchandise. The paper said, "Three days only". That is Nov. 24 to 26. I thought it was also the action date of Rove's "November surprise".

Since I found the shopping center at the cross of N.Capital Ave and Hostetter Rd. might become the bombing target of Feds, (see "448. Highway 680 pass-over bridge was a bomb target (11/15/06)") the other shopping center I could go was the one located at the cross of Landess Ave. and Morrill Ave. The food store there was Albertsons. I think one of the targets of the November dirty bomb attack was that shopping center. Feds knew I was alert on the other store so they tried to lure me to the Albertsons by something I was eager for.

The date of former Russian spy's sudden death (11/23) proved my opinion. It was planned to be followed by dirty bomb attack the next day. (11/24 the Black Friday) It would increase public's panic against the radioactive material. It would justify the source of radioactive material used in dirty bomb.

The poison is Polonium-210 which is a material strictly controlled. There are many other isotopes. e.g. Cesium-137 is more popularly used in scientific research and easier to get. Why Po-210 was chosen? Because Polonium-210 and Uranium-235 are the only elements to be used in nuclear bomb. It will be convenient for Bush group to link it to Iran which is now accused of developing nuclear weapon.

Karl Rove had twice predicted a "surprise". One was "October surprise" which went soured after my warning. Then he made another one of "November surprise". Re:


I believe I am a target in their plan. I believe my revelation postponed many plots planned by Feds. But new plot comes out after the failed one. I think if a terror attack happens, one target area will be in the area of north San Jose.

454. All fool's event (12/10/06)

There is an All Fool's Day. This poison case becomes an all fool's event. The news reported the dead former Russian spy alleged Putin was behind the poison case. It is a very high level case. One thing for sure is this is a murder case. Another thing is the poison was Po-210.

If someone plans to murder, the priority is to make it a covert one. Al least the murderer would try to leave no clue to draw a detection. For intelligence, they have many high tech killing methods, make a death look like a natural death. If they chose to poison, there are still many choices. The poison they use will be hard to identify.

See what poison they used in Litvinenko's case. A rare metal, a radioactive isotope - Polonium-210. Since Po-210 is a high-restricted material, the way to access this material is very limited. Generally, a murderer will avoid to use such kind of material as poison because it's easy to be tracked from its origin.

Po-210 is a hard to handle material. It is radioactive. It needs special treatment in transfer. Otherwise not only the carrier will be hurt, the environment also will be polluted. Why chose a hard to control poison? The murderer has to worry about his own safety while he carry such kind of material.

Po-210 is a radioactive material and is easy to be detected. Murderer should chose more covert poison than an isotope. Isotope is itself used as tracer in scientific research. With instrument, even a tiny amount of isotope could be traced. Why chose an easy to be detected poison?

The poison case is a big joke from the beginning. Litvinenko was said poisoned on 11/1. He died on 11/23. It was 23 days when he was sick. Hospital didn't know what caused his death.
The news of 11/24 reported it as: "strange, rapid decline", "mystery remains". As an outsider, when I saw the picture of a hairless Litvinenko, I knew it's a symptom of heavy metal poison. (Polonium is a heavy metal, but it's rare. In medical, most referred is lead poison. ) That should be common sense of the doctor. How could they fail to find it? Radiation also causes hairless. Doctor should know it.

The media keeps reporting the poisoned case and almost have new discovery everyday. They found it on the airplanes flying between Moscow and London; in the shushi bar, in U.K.'s embassy in Moscow, now even in German. If the route develops to Teheran, Iran, I will not be surprised. Because that is the target this event created for.

But will a perpetrator, try to carry out a murder case with a hard to get material, hard to handle isotope, easy to be tracked poison in his case? Is he an idiot, or a fool?

No, he is not. It's a rogue group which framed a poisoned case to justify a dirty bomb attack, aimed to have another war in Iran. It treats the public all like fools.

Remember this: In Rove's October surprise, N. Korea had a nuclear test. China arrested several N.Koreas for selling Uranium. All to justify the source of dirty bomb attack. I think it went soured after my revelation.
Then in November surprise, Litvinenko died on Polonium from Russia.
Uranium and Polonium are radioactive material. They were used in these cases to justify the source of dirty bomb attack. When it was revealed too, which will be the next? Maybe US itself? One thing is certain, the Inside group won't stop here.

New war is ahead.


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Poison and Chemical gas attack Empty Re: Poison and Chemical gas attack

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712. Water poison and dry rain season (3/26/2012)

I talked about the poisoned water in "187. Drinking water (12/11/03)" and "216. Poison tap water (3/29/04)". To avoid the poisoned water, I abandon the running water and the water from "water store". I have to buy bottled water from super market (sometimes I found it was poisoned too) and collect water from different sources such like "Water and Pump" in oil station, rest room in big store. At first I was curious how could the Feds poison the running water without pulloting the water system. Then I came across with such an operation.

It was a time when the Feds aggressively carried out their tactic of "poison the water" . I had to seek new source of water. I went to a rest room of a super market. Next time, when I went to that super market with empty milk bottle, I noticed there was a rubber pipe connected to the water pipe. Each focet is connected with two water pipes. One is cold water and the other is hot water. All controlled by switches. They took off one switch, install a rubber pipe to the outlet. The rubber pipe extended to another room. It was a temprary work done in a hurry. It was the shortest distance from the switch outlet to the forcet while the controller could squeeze the poison into the water.

One of the poison the Feds like to use is radioactive material. Radiation causes cancer if drinked. Radiation also causes skin cancer when people bath with the contaminated water. I found the problem when my hand grew up with black moles. I turned on to rainwater. I stored rainwater in buckets for bathing.

This rain season is the driest one in San Jose area. I think the Feds manipulated weather with their high tech weapon. In shortage of the water I have to take bath as less as possible. I think it's a tactic the Feds uses to force me getting sick. They intensifies the poison a few months ago. I got a severe cough early this year. So I am very careful on food these days, especially on water. Then my wife and my daughter had severe cough recently. I suspect they drank the radioactive water. (one symptom of radiation poison is coughing) When rainwater is in shortage, I still have to use some running water to take bath. Feds polluted the water with radiation despite it would also hurt my wife and my daughter. (Even they both work for the Feds. )

A wet end to winter expected this week in Bay Area

By Mark Gomez : 03/12/2012
So far this rainfall season, San Jose has received just 3.13 inches of rain, just 25 percent of normal for this time of year. In Oakland, 6.12 inches of rain has fallen since July 1, about 36 percent of normal.

After four months unusual dry for this rain seasom, there was a storm system arriving in Bay Area in mid March. The strange thing was, San Jose still was the driest place this time.
Storm doles out wildly uneven amounts of rain across Bay Area 03/17/2012

Rainfall totals
Morgan Hill 0.53
San Jose 0.66
Gilroy 1.99
Salinas 1.64
Redwood City 2.72
San Francisco 2.95
Oakland 4.21
Santa Cruz 4.48
La Honda 4.61
Orinda 5.78
San Rafael 6.00
Pt. Reyes 7.08
Boulder Creek 7.13
Ben Lomond 16.31
Scott Creek 19.96

Source: National Weather Service

San Jose received the least rain. Oakland and San Francisco did reasonably well. And the Santa Cruz Mountains absorbed a near-deluge.

725. The high speed liquid bullet gun (6/25/2012)

In early 2000, I was in Malaysia. An itch troubled me for some time. Usually if it was a sting of mosquito, it would fade away in a day. But this one caused bad itch and pus and lasted for days. I looked at my foot, the pustule formed a small circle. I thought it was a bite of some unknown insect. I bought some ointment but failed to recover from the itch. It lasted a week or so.

Then I returned to US. My relatives invited me for a lunch Buffet. The restaurant was full. we had to wait for a while. That day I got that bad itch again. It was at the same part of my top foot and in same form - a small circle of pustule wound. I started to suspect that was a spy weapon. I had learned in news of it. I didn't expect I would encounter with it.

Poison-tip umbrella assassination of Georgi Markov reinvestigated

The cold war murder of Georgi Markov, the Bulgarian dissident who was assassinated using a poison-tipped umbrella, is being reinvestigated by Scotland Yard.

By Richard Edwards, Crime Correspondent
7:54PM BST 19 Jun 2008

On a September evening in London in 1978, Markov, a prize-winning Bulgarian author and BBC broadcaster who had been classified as a "non person" by the communist authorities, was waiting alongside commuters for a bus on Waterloo Bridge when he felt a stinging pain in his thigh.

A heavily built stranger dropped an umbrella, mumbled "sorry" and fled in a taxi.

K.G.B. used a tiny metal ball with poison in that case. I think I have suffered the same style of attack. I didn't feel any stinging pain. The tiny bullet must be in very high speed. I didn't die like Markov. I think the bullet should contain some virus that causes vital disease. Feds used to make a murder look like a natural death. It could be material causing cancer, or even aids virus? With the limit acknowledge from that story, I originally thought the bullet was metal ball. Now from new information I know it was icy liquid bullet. It said Feds freeze the poisonous liquid as icy bullet and shoot it in high speed that can penetrate clothe and thin shield. I lost the original information but found one with similar principle.

August 7th, 2011 | Posted by Veterans Today

Assassinations By Induced Heart Attack And Cancer

In 1975, during the Church Committee hearings, the existence of a secret assassination weapon came to light. The CIA had developed a poison that caused the victim to have an immediate heart attack.

This poison could be frozen into the shape of a dart and then fired at high speed from a pistol. The gun was capable of shooting the icy projectile with enough speed that the dart would go right through the clothes of the target and leave just a tiny red mark.

Early this year, my daughter found a job. She invited us for a meal to celeberate. The restaurant was in same shopping center of that Shanghai one (see last message of #724). It was full when we went there. We waited until the waiter led us to a table stands to the wall. Later that day, for the third time, I got that bad itch again after eleven years.

They were common in some points:
1. the wound part used to be on top foot near ankle.(all three times), the latest one added one wound in leg and one in small arm.

2. Bad itch last long time - a week or so. This may mean thick virus liquid.

3. Though the first two wounds showed a regular circle of spots, I didn't see it in third time. They improved their weapon.

4. You won't feel pain when the attack took place. The bullet was tiny and in high speed. You find it hours later when skin started to inflame.

I didn't notice the condition of the first attack but the latter two all happened in restaurant. They were prearranged meal. The restaurant used to be full and you have to wait until there was vacancy. In such an operation, Feds must activate a lot of snitches to be customers so they could arrange the victim to the table that installed with special equipment.


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Poison and Chemical gas attack Empty Re: Poison and Chemical gas attack

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965. Poison(liquid) gas attack on 6/9 (6/12/2017)

May and June is dry season in San Jose. But recently, there were a few light rain at night. I have some container in yard to collect rain water. I noticed there was a little water inside the container otherwise I even was not aware there had been a rain at night. I was alarmed because I fear the Feds would attribute the death to West Niles disease spread by mosquitoes.

The weather report of 6/8 said there would be a light rain at late night. Next morning, I look outside, found it was dry. At half after eight, my wife went to work. She left with the door open so I close the door for her. To my surprise, she came back home and left the door opened again. I later think it was the direct from her handler. Of course I closed the door.

After breakfast I went to back yard. Then it started rain. It was light rain. I could feel humid little water drop floating in the air, like heavy foggy days in winter. When the water drop became bigger I went inside.

In noon I had a severe stomach ache. It happened three times that day. All happened about four hours late after the meal. Since the Feds continuously poisoning my food, I keep alarm on food. Lucky enough this time, all the food I had eaten that day were verified safe before so I could exclude the food factor. Then what is it?

That unusual June light rain reminded me of Kim Jongnan's murder case. He died of a liquid poison VX by skin contact or gas breathing. I allege the Feds used the same material to poison me recently.
They spread the poison with rain drop at night on the purpose to let victim breathe in the evaporated poisonous gas next morning. When the the result couldn't satisfy their desire, they created a light rain to increase the dose.

VX is very slow to evaporate and is therefore usually found as a viscous liquid, similar in texture to motor oil or honey.

In this state, it's highly toxic when it comes into contact with skin.

"You need a microscopic amount to kill one person, which is what happened to Kim Jong Nam," said Bretton-Gordon, the chemical weapons expert.

It's likely that Kim at experienced pinpointed pupils, a runny nose, and nausea, before finding it hard to breathe and feeling his heart racing.

He probably then had loss of bladder and bowel control, convulsions, seizures, and finally death while on the way to the hospital just minutes later.

I didn't suffer the described symptoms of the news. I think they used diluted liquid to make it hard to be discovered. What happened to me is my digestive system was hurt. It caused swollen digestive organ that caused severe pain when the food passes through. The pain is so severe that it causes sweating. The pain caused by solid food or long fiber food. Liquefied food can ease the pain.

In my experience the rain water drop is identical to description "a colorless, odorless, tasteless(I didn't taste) liquid that's deadly in microscopic amounts." So microscopic that a fog amount cause a suffering.

966. Acoustic weapon attack after gas attack (6/19/2017)

I wrote "965, Gas attack" on 6/12. Next day, 6/13, the overcast sky became a bright day full of sunshine. For that gas attack, the Feds maintained week long cloudy weather so they could spread chemical by rain. When I revealed it, they quickly changed the weather style by moving in warm air mass. The high temperature quickly jumped to 90s from 70s within days.

Dangerous heat to scorch southwestern US through midweek
June 18, 2017, 6:47:27 AM EDT

The dangerous heat baking the southwestern United States will not relent its grip on the region through much of the week.


Sizzling heat wave creates health hazard in Southwestern U.S.
Yahoo News Digest June 19, 2017

The Southwest is about to feel the wrath of a punishing heat wave that includes a forecast of 120 degrees in Phoenix

On same day of 6/13, the strong ground vibration came back too with the sunshine. I think the Feds quickly planed a new plot with acoustic weapon to murder- introduce natural heat to cover up the heat created by resonance.

On 6/14, I also suffered a poison attack. It might be a cover up action. But to my experience, It's not gas chemical attack, though the result were similar - severe stomach-ache. In gas attack, the pain took place four hours and thirty minutes later after meal. In food poison case, the pain took place one hour later after meal. The difference is evident. I have to sleep in hall in case some one to enter house to poison the food.

910. Acoustic weapon killing (6/27/2016)

In the midnight of 6/26/2016, I woke up to an unusual warm feeling. The heat was from inside body, seemed from blood. Since the Feds using acoustic weapon, I encountered such situation several times. Of course, it also came with strong ground vibration feeling. I had to leave my bedroom and slept in the sofa of the sitting room. A few minutes later the heat inside the body disappeared. I had thought a lot about that phenomenon, now I realize it was the killing resonance. The body of human being has its own resonance frequency. Once the Feds apply that frequency on people, it will cause vibration that produces heat or other damages in their blood, organ or parts of the body.

I had been intimidated by the Feds through the TV commercial. At that time I thought the heat killing was microwave radiation. Now I realize it is the acoustic weapon. I had posted my allegation in #815. That TV station disappeared several months later after my revelation. Watch that commercial I posted below. It well proves the heat killing weapon.

quote, 815. TV commercial intimidation (2/8/2014)

ICN is a TV channel that broadcast Chinese news and movies. I think it is run by Chinese capital. My wife used to tune on that channel to watch its TV series. When the series is interesting, I join in.

I noticed there is a strange commercial in recent broadcast. I think it is an intimidation from the Feds.

The first one: A lady sits in a sauna room. A pig is approaching her, sniffing. The lady drops some water on heater and create a steam. A thermo-charter shows the temperature goes up followed with a word “COOK? Then lady disappeared and the pig leaves.

Followed by second one: Most of commercial shows how a fish without water is struggling for air. At last a word appears: NO ATTACK.

If the motive of the commercial is “cook”right and “no attack? then they were very bad products. People can hardly link sauna room and fish out of water to it. It is good death intimidation if you know the killing method of the Feds. They used to kill people with microwave radiation. They also kill victims in prison by suffocation with plastic bag on head, then claim it was a suicide.

I think this is particularly on me. Chinese traditionally symbolize year with twelve animals. I was born in the year of pig. That’s why they put a pig in that commercial.

That unusual advertisement was broadcast at 11pm (Monday to Friday) at Channel 26.4 ICN(San Francisco Bay Area) in a two hours long (each week day)Chinese series. See how cruel they treat that fish in that commercial.

Watch how did they torture that fish to produce this commercial.

Correcting error in #966.

1. In line 1, error: Gas attack" on 9/12. Next day, 9/13,
correction: Gas attack" on 6/12. Next day, 6/13,

2. Line 14, error: On same day of 9/13,
Correction: On same day of 6/13,

3. Line 17, error: On 9/14
Correction: On 6/14

967. Question about gas attack of 965 (6/26/2017)

Are you suggesting that your wife is in on a government plot to poison you?

If any of what you said were true, hundreds of people around would be getting sick as well. You cannot target a single individual with an airborne gas without affecting other people in the area.

Chill out and take some pepto.

Yes, I think so. One tactic the Feds uses is to provoke married couple(or other family members) so they can benefit from the family conflict. Though my wife doesn't necessarily involve in direct poison, she may passively join in. e.g. in this gas poison attempt, she left the door opened in the name of "to fresh the air inside the house". I think that's the order from her handler. My wife maybe even not know what is it for.

1. Drone now is a popular flying tool. There should be no problem for them to spread liquid precisely in victim's yard. Those drones Amazon even used to deliver small packages.

2. VX is very slow to evaporate and is therefore usually found as a viscous liquid, similar in texture to motor oil or honey. It's not a material easy to be diffused.

3. The Feds (FBI and DEA) have moved residents in my area away already. What left in my neighborhood are agents and informants. They should have been noticed to leave if there is a danger.

*Neighboring People I knew were dead or moved.
#10. The death of old people

My daughter had three playmates at that time. They knew each other in the park next to us. They lived in same street. After the drug case, (about in 1992)the girls' parents moved away with them, Leaving three old people in their houses. The three old people are: grandma Lin, grandma Huang and grandpa Huang. It's unusual because in Asian' tradition, working parents used to let grandparents foster children. The girls age were 3-5 years old then.

Then on March 1999, I left for South-east Asia because I could not bear the torture of EM wave. (Although I don't know exactly what kind of wave they are using, electric-magnet wave is the best word for it. Microwave is one kind of it.) Within months after my leaving, all three old people died. It seems that they will eliminate those who know my story. I worry about those young people's lives if their death could not been explained as old. I'm afraid law enforcement agent will frame them in some case,(drug case is the easiest one) and then kill them in custody by the hands of gang members in jail.

*community several blocks away from my house are emptied already.
#733. Swimming pool speaks (8/20/2012)

In 1990s, when I abandoned driving, I used to walk to the super markets. I was impressed by the large noise of cheering children in a swimming pool along Amberwood Ln which is cross High Way 680 from my house. The pool belongs to a Condo community. Probably started from 2000, the children disappeared. I was too, impressed by the dead silence when I passed that swimming pool. The Feds must have moved all families away. (at least the families with children) I realized how large scale the case was that the Feds applied on me.

This year, I learned the skill to post the picture to the internet. On August 5, Sunday, between 4 pm to 5:30 pm, I took pictures of the two swimming pools near my residence. Summer will end. New school year will soon start. The swimming pool is as dead as it was in recent decade.

8/5/2012 Sunday 4pm Amberwood Ln.

8/5/2012 5:30pm Sunday Alves Circle, Croply Rd.
1,2. Swimming pool
3. Public park
4. Small World Pre-school

968. The Feds behaves like Mafia (7/2/2017)

There was a news on 2/22/2017. I think it is a poison threat from the Feds after their 2/19 case failed to go through. The case was signaled by Trump's fake "terrorist attack on Sweden" and "Oroville dam crisis". (See #947, 948. Frame a case on 2/19 (2/18/2017), 949,950.)

Texas to feral pigs: It's time for the 'hog apocalypse' to begin

Maria Gallucci Mashable•Feb 22, 2017,

Sid Miller, the state's agriculture commissioner, just approved a pesticide — called "Kaput Feral Hog Lure" — for statewide use.

"This solution is long overdue," he added. "Wild hogs have caused extensive damage to Texas lands and loss of income for many, many years."

Texas's agriculture commission estimates that feral hogs cause $52 million in damage each year to agricultural businesses by tearing up crops and pastures, knocking down fences and ruining equipment.

The so-called hog lure is derived from warfarin, a blood-thinning agent that's also used to kill rats and mice in homes and buildings. Animals don't die immediately from eating the odorless, tasteless chemical. That would be too kind. Instead, they keep eating it until the anti-clotting properties cause them to bleed to death internally.

This week, Miller approved a rule change in the Texas Administrative Code that allows landowners and agricultural producers to use Kaput — essentially warfarin-laced pellets — to keep feral hogs off their property.

It's the word "Animals don't die immediately from eating the odorless, tasteless chemical. That would be too kind." reminds me this is not an ordinary news but a torture death threat. The Feds used to symbolize me with pig. See (#967. Chinese traditionally symbolize year with twelve animals. I was born in the year of pig.)

The gas poison (VX?) I talked about in #965 is a torture poison. The pain lasted nearly about an hour and so painful that caused sweating.

969. Poison information for sharing (7/9/2017)

The poison derived from warfaring talked in last message is not long overdue. They had used it on me long time ago. What they approved should be that gas poison - VX. it's new and hard to be discovered - To kill in the form of gas or rain. But they can't say it's a chemical gas, so use "derived from warfaring" instead.

Sometime ago, I frequently felt a bloody smell from stomach after eating something. I abandoned the food and think that probably was a kind of poison eroded the membrane of stomach that caused bleeding. Now this news said it is a blood thinning agent.

One kind of poison is a popularly used by Chinese secret police. The symptom is there is itching in joint after eating the food. I allege it would end with thyroid cancer. I used to find it in Chinese candy and biscuit, Especially in date (fruit) and chestnut. They used to be given us as gift from people who came back from a China tour.

Another poison causes dim vision. I think it is derived from a mouse poison. In a box of "Rat killing bait" I saw the instruction said the bait killing mice by blinding their eyes. The symptom is it came with a lot of tears after eating the food. It used to be mixed in Chocolate as candy. It also can be found in vegetables. I also find it frequently in muffin and cake of a large food wholesale club. Last year my wife had a European tour. She brought back many chocolate, cookie gift box. I found they were all contaminated with that vision poison. I asked why she bought so many she said the "tax free store" was just on sale when she went there. That's the way how the Feds deliver the poison food to their target.


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