Why I become a target of the Feds(FBI and DEA)

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Why I become a target of the Feds(FBI and DEA)

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I think because I bought the house the Feds want to buy.

278. The start of nightmare (12/24)

In first years when I was in America, I rented a bedroom. I think I was a good tenant. I took some course in local community college in the morning. In the afternoon I had a swing shift job until midnight. On week-ends I did some business in Flea-market. Seven days a week, I seldom stayed at the house.

Probably seeing that I only took a sleep at night, the landlord suggested me to move to the garage so he could rent my bedroom off to someone else.

Though I was not an overcritical man, I was unhappy. The condition of a garage was too far away from a bedroom. The landlord's suggestion motivated me to have a house of my own. I started to look for a house.

My supervisor had just bought a house. When he knew about my bedroom story, he introduced his real-estate agent to me. After several round of trips to watch the house, I finally settled on the house which I live now.

That was the start of my America nightmare.

279. Buy house (12/29)

It was a four bedroom house emptied already. It looks like a duplex because two identical houses share one wall. But actually it was a townhouse because the garage attached to another neighbor. The price was 93,000. It was a bargain so I decided to buy it right away. The R.E. agent (real estate agent) told me the house was on process of pending sale. A buyer before me was waiting for the approving of a loan. If he failed to get a loan, then it was my turn. I was surprise how could she introduce me a house which was on a pending sale. She told me, "Don't worry. That buyer won't get the loan. The buyers before him failed too." I wondered how she was so sure about it.

On 11/16/1984, instructed by R.E. agent, I wrote the agreement of purchase and sell. The main point were:
1. Buyer put 20k down payment.
2. Buyer to assume the existing 30k VA loan.
3. 40k new conventional second loan. Seller to credit 2,000 for buyer's closing cost.
Thus I learned there was an "assumable loan" which could be transfered from sellers to buyers without any checks and examination from bank. The 2,000 credit offer was due to the seller was motivated to settle the deal. It was used to cover up the loan cost of buyer. It was probably demanded by former buyers. I took over the advantage.

In early December 1984, R.E. agent informed me the former buyer failed to get loan on time. It was my turn. On 12/11, I got the offer from seller. Next day I wrote a counter offer in which I proposed to put 60k down payment. The seller, instead to pay 2,000 in closing cost, to cut the price of house to 91,000.

Since that 2,000 amount was planned to pay in advance and the seller would lose nothing, she quickly accepted my counter offer.

What made me write the counter offer? Unemployment. The company I worked for was suddenly shut down. I would lose job. It was impossible for an unemployed to apply for a second loan from the bank. How I solved the problem? I turned on to my relatives.

It was Chinese tradition to help each other among family members. I called relatives, no one refused to help. From several thousand to tens of thousand, I quickly got enough money to cover up the second loan amount. One month later, I became a home-owner.

280. Company shut down (1/4/05)

The company I worked for was Shugart Corp. It was named by its Creator's name - Shugart. The product of the company was hard disc drive. Shugart then sold his company and created another one - Seagate. (which is a popular technical company right now) However, the company still used its original name. Manager said Shugart Corp. had about two thousand employers. Its customers were big firms such like IBM, Wang Lab..... I worked in Shugart for more then two years until I bought the house.

In late 84, in a meeting manager said the business was not good so there might be some lay-off. He joked with us that, "Don't buy a new car. Don't buy a house." I felt that was pointing at me because I was buying a house then. In November and December when I was busy preparing to write the offer to purchase the house, the news of possible lay-off became the shut down of company. Every one had to go. Smile lost from manager's face. I still remembered my supervisor banged the desk with his fist, "Damn it, I just bought the house." People started to look for new job. They left one after another.

In newspaper I learned that many people got their pink slip in one day's notice. I had plenty of time for the psychological impact of unemployment. The day I left Shugart was 2/15/1985. One month after I bought the house. (1/15/85) I knew I would lose my job when I wrote the offer. What made me to buy house even if I knew I would be unemployed?

It was the incredible low price of the house. I have had a calculation. The mortgage payment of the 30k assumable loan was 360 dollars each month.(impounds included) Compare with the rent (250) I paid at that time it was only 110 extra. When I bought the house, I reserved one for myself. I could rent off the other bedrooms. In worst condition, the rent income would cover up the house expense. So even I had no job, I didn't worry about losing the house. My economic condition would be better if I bought. it. So what left was that private debt. I could concentrate to work to pay it off.

How low was the price? At that time, a 3 bedroom single house was about 130k. A house identical to mine was about 110k. That was the house next to me.

When R.E.agent showed me the house for the first time, she said, "Your neighbor is your supervisor." It seemed the two attached houses were on market about the same time. My supervisor bought the house just several months ago. The house next to him was on pending sale for several months. When we became neighbor, he told me he paid 110k and something for his house. He was surprised that the same house I paid was only 91k. "Why you had such a low price?"

I didn't seriously consider that question. I thought it was a coincidence that two neighbor houses were on market at same time. I thought it was a coincidence that lay off synchronized with the purchase of a house. I didn't ask why my house was almost 20% below an identical one at the same time. I only felt I was lucky to get such a bargain then.

281. Former home owner (1/9)

When R.E.agent introduced the house to me, she said I got extra value for the security. The window of the house were installed with iron rail. There were extra iron rail door outside the wooden door. Later I had a look at my community, among one hundred houses, mine is the only one protected with iron rail. Obviously, the former home owner was very care about their security. But the iron rail couldn't protect former landlord's safety.

After I bought the house, I got the Grand Deed. On front page it printed, "***** ****, (seller's name) a widow, sold her house to Kat Hak Sung." So I knew the seller was a widow.

While I was busy to re-model the house, there was a knock at the door. It was a uniformed police lady. She came to visit Mrs. former home owner. When she knew the house had changed owner, she asked me to deliver a message to Mrs. former home owner about her visit. It was about Mrs.former home owner's pension.

Mrs. former home owner did leave her phone number on note board in kitchen. So I called her. She visited me later with a "thank you" fruit plate. She complained a lot about the trouble caused by buyers previous of me.

Eight years later, about in 1993 (?). Some one put a note on my car, asked me if I would sell it. At that time, I had two cars. One was a cargo van used in business. The other one was an automobile for general communication. Both car caused a bad feeling after driving. The van got normal after I installed metal plate around drive seat. The space of the driving seat of automobile was too narrow to install metal plate so I abandoned to drive that car. It was left on street for months, covered with dust.

The offer was from Feds, I thought. Most of the neighbor were occupied by agent and their people. Who would interest on a dirty car? They might want to take back the instruments they installed in my car when it was abandoned. Anyhow, I dare not to use that car again. So I called the number on that note and sold the automobile to the man.

A few days later, another note was found in mail box. It was same yellow stick note identical to the note offering to buy my car. This time it suggested to exchange his house with mine. I left that offer alone.

At that time, I was tortured by mysterious EM wave. Feds set up traps one after another. So the first thought came to my mind was: "Was it another trap? A house full of killing instrument prepared for me? There could be many traps in procedure to exchange houses." Then I recalled unusual events when I bought the house and since. With more experience with Feds, I gradually found the explanation for each coincidence. I started to realize it was the house I bought caused a nightmare.

282. Not a coincidence (1/14)

After years of investigation, Feds should know I don't touch drugs and had no relationship to Mrs. Chen's case. Why did they keep on persecute on me? I wondered. The suggestion to exchange house tipped me there was some other cause. The following is my conclusion then:

1. Former home owners were target of the Feds. They worried about their safety. So they installed iron rail for protection. Former landlord still died.

2. Feds used to watch their target as close as they can. The best place to watch them was of course the neighborhood which shared wall with them. When the target was dead, his widow moved out, it was unnecessary to watch an empty house. So the surveillance team left the neighboring house. That was why two connected houses were almost on market at same time. My supervisor bought the house the Feds used to monitor.

3. Though I don't know what happened exactly, I speculate that the Feds lured former landlady to another house by a good bargain. But the payment depended on the sale of her original house. Feds developed a situation that potential buyers failed one after another. The grilled former landlady was eager for the money to pay the new house that she had to cut the price of house lower and even offered to pay 2000 dollars for buyer's loan cost.

4. Though the buyers previous of me likely worked for Feds, Feds didn't care at first when I was in waiting list. They thought they control everything. I was intimidated by lay off at first and then the shut down of the company. It didn't stop me because the price of house was too good. that my financial situation could be better after buying the house whatever I was employed or not. The shut down of company also motivated me for a private loan. So the usual way to control deal by loan was failed too. I got the house accidentally.

5. The visit of police lady about pension was a tactic to develop a meeting for me and former landlady. Feds used to arrange such meeting for their suspect to verify their relationship. If the police lady really wanted to talk to former landlady, she could get the phone number from me right away and direct called former home owner. Why asked some one else to deliver the message?

I realize this after the observation. The surveillance team used to change shift in a year or so. When that happens, our car would break down and had to be sent for repair. The leaving team must pick up their belongings in the car and arriving team to install theirs. With that it also come a dense visit of acquaintance. People rarely came suddenly show up. New arriving team wants to see the relationship of people they interested. When I realized it was a procedure of Feds, I recalled the visit of that police lady.

471. The death related to EM wave radiation (3/8/07)

I started to recognize it probably was the house that caused the Feds' persecution on me when someone suggested to exchange his house with mine in early 90s. (see #278 - #282)

Then in March, 2000, after I complained to US embassy in Thailand alleged that FBI manipulated bank practice of remittance, I found there was an attempt to frame me in drug case.(see: #37, 49, 50, 51)
I was in panic and had to seek political asylum from Thailand Foreign Ministry. It only intensified the persecution. So I left Thailand for Laos. Re: "About in early April, 2000, when I was still in panic mood of Thailand event, I read a news from a Chinese newspaper that FBI director Freeh would resign from his post, because FBI abused their power to a man whom bought a house which FBI wanted. It was a strange news. I had a strong feeling the article was for me (actually Freeh stayed in the post until one year later he resigned again when FBI signed a secret deal with China to frame a big drug case. see #61 - 64) It proved my early suspicion that the persecution was due to the house.

In July 2000, when I got back to my home in US, I checked the document in house deal. In it there is a death certificate of the former landlord. ( I took over the mortgage loan from the seller - a widow, but one of the joint borrower had died so they had to prove it with document) He works for US Navy when he was alive. He was in his 30s when He died.
The death was caused by:
immediate cause (A) Probable pulmonary embolus.
Due to. or as a consequence of (B) Thrombophlebitis of leg

I checked the dictionary and learned that former landlord died of clot formed in leg which then blocked the blood to lung. It proves my allegation that former landlord died of a covert murder - microwave killing. Though I don't know what was the motive to murder him, it's unusual he died so young. (in his 30s) The tactic of murder was a skill I am familiar to - microwave killing. (see #5. Microwave killing)
After hours of low dose of microwave radiation, the blood cell gradually died and formed clots. When the clots moved to lung and blocked the artery, the lung collapsed. When it moves to heart, a heart attack happens. When it moves to brain, then it's a stroke.

Why the clot originates from leg? I think the Feds used to install the killing device in engine room. It's easy to be installed there and hard to be discovered. (used to be guised as parts?) Foot to control the pedal is the nearest to the microwave source. Or they deliberately to shoot on people's leg because the foot is less sensitive than the head and hands. Victim is hard to feel it when the microwave is applied on the leg.

Quote, "Cheney treated for blood clot in his leg
POSTED: 5:37 p.m. EST, March 5, 2007
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Doctors found a blood clot in Vice President Dick Cheney's left leg Monday, Cheney's office said.
Doctors performed an ultrasound and found a deep venous thrombosis, or DVT.
Complications from DVT kill up to 200,000 people in the United States each year, but the clots can be easily treated through medication.

On March 5, when the TV news reported Cheney's blood clot story, (local Chinese TV), I was surprised at the striking resemblance of the broadcaster's description about the blood clot with mine. She said the blood clot formed in leg. "When the clots moved to lung and blocked the artery, the lung collapsed. When it moves to heart, a heart attack happens. When it moves to brain, then it's a stroke." The only difference was she said doctors thought it was probably caused by lacking of movement after long air travel.

Was this the only long air travel Cheney took?
No, I think recently he at least took one to Riyad.to arrange an Iraqi civil war. There seemed no problem of blood clot then.

Was Air force No. 2 a small plane?
No, I think it was not as narrow as the normal economic seat commercial air line used to offer. I am sure it's much, much spacious then any first class cabinet.

Was time sensitive in this case.
Yes, Vice President Cheney was arranged an unplanned visit to Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan where he encountered a bombing. Will he suspect on that? What will intelligence do after their plot went soured?
Also it was at the ending of Libby's CIA leaking case. Libby said he was the sacrifice. Would it be better to have such an ending similar to Kenneth Lay's death in Enron case? The Libby verdict came one day after Cheney's clot story.


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