Acoustic weapon killing

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Acoustic weapon killing

Post by Admin on Sat Jul 09, 2016 4:09 pm

910. Acoustic weapon killing (9/27/2016)

In the midnight of 9/26, I woke up to an unusual warm feeling. The heat was from inside body, seemed from blood. Since the Feds using acoustic weapon, I encountered such situation several times. Of course, it also came with strong ground vibration feeling. I had to leave my bedroom and slept in the sofa of the sitting room. A few minutes later the heat inside the body disappeared. I had thought a lot about that phenomenon, now I realize it was the killing resonance. The body of human being has its own resonance frequency. Once the Feds apply that frequency on people, it will cause vibration that produces heat or other damages in their blood, organ or parts of the body.

I had been intimidated by the Feds through the TV commercial. At that time I thought the heat killing was microwave radiation. Now I realize it is the acoustic weapon. I had posted my allegation in #815. That TV station disappeared several months later after my revelation. Watch that commercial I posted below. It well proves the heat killing weapon.

quote, 815. TV commercial intimidation (2/8/2014)

ICN is a TV channel that broadcast Chinese news and movies. I think it is run by Chinese capital. My wife used to tune on that channel to watch its TV series. When the series is interesting, I join in.

I noticed there is a strange commercial in recent broadcast. I think it is an intimidation from the Feds.

The first one: A lady sits in a sauna room. A pig is approaching her, sniffing. The lady drops some water on heater and create a steam. A thermo-charter shows the temperature goes up followed with a word “COOK? Then lady disappeared and the pig leaves.

Followed by second one: Most of commercial shows how a fish without water is struggling for air. At last a word appears: NO ATTACK.

If the motive of the commercial is “cook”right and “no attack? then they were very bad products. People can hardly link sauna room and fish out of water to it. It is good death  intimidation if you know the killing method of the Feds. They used to kill people with microwave radiation. They also kill victims in prison by suffocation with plastic bag on head, then claim it was a suicide.

I think this is particularly on me. Chinese traditionally symbolize year with twelve animals. I was born in the year of pig. That’s why they put a pig in that commercial.

That unusual advertisement was broadcast at 11pm (Monday to Friday) at Channel 26.4 ICN(San Francisco Bay Area) in a two hours long (each week day)Chinese series. See how cruel they treat that fish in that commercial.

Watch how did they torture that fish to produce this commercial.


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Re: Acoustic weapon killing

Post by Admin on Sat Jul 09, 2016 4:11 pm

908. Acoustic weapon (6/13/2016)

For more than a decade, I sleep on ground behind iron desk in order to shelter from E.M. wave attack from the Feds whom live in neighborhood. I can feel it if there is any movement of the ground.

Last year I felt a long lasting vibration of the ground. It gave me a feeling looked like that a machine was working underneath. I could feel it clearly when I laid on the carpet especially in the morning before dawn when there is no human activity. But I could hardly feel it once I stood up during day time. I speculated that the Feds was using acoustic weapon.

There was an apple tree next to my bedroom. One day a branch of it was broken. Several days later, the whole tree was broken. There are several fruit trees in my yard, only this one was broken off for no obvious reason.

At that time, the media was hot on a topic that an apartment balcony in Berkley collapsed because the support beam rotted. The incident killed six students.

6 who died in Berkeley balcony collapse

“It appears to be a classic case of dry rot, meaning water intruded into the building [and] rotted the wood”

I put those events together and alleged they were done by the Feds. I knew there was acoustic weapon. It damages objects by resonance. My wife then forced me hard to order a roof repair. She had a cheap deal introduced by her friend. I insisted to find a regular contractor with workers safety insurance. I don't want to fall in the trap of the Feds. The broken apple tree was just at the foot of badly leaking roof. If the beam that support the roof was broken like the balcony of Berkley, that tree could be a buffer to save someone's life from a two storey's falling.

I don't think the incident of the balcony collapse of Berkley and the broken off of the apple tree were coincidence. I allege they were damaged by acoustic weapon and the strange vibration of the ground was the result of acoustic weapon

Recently, I feel that strange vibration again. It is stronger then ever. To damage the roof? The house? The underneath pipeline? Or to create a sink hole? They must have a purpose. So I write this message here to see what happen next.

909. Resonance to damage (2) (9/20/2016)

I talked about acoustic weapon on 9/13. That night I felt stronger ever vibration of the ground. Next day, even in day time, I could still feel it when I stood.

When the apple tree broke off last year, there were saplings grew up around its remain root. There are three saplings at tallest height. Like other trees, they grow up upwards. Two were in front of the remain root, about an inch to the remain trunk. One is behind it, about two feet away.

Then I found on 9/14 the two front saplings collapsed. Apparently the resonance damaged the trunks of these two young trees. One collapsed on its root. The other one bent on other shorter saplings. The rear one remains straight. I measured the distance. It is three feet away. Obviously, it remains OK because it was not on the pathway of that acoustic wave.

Here is a picture. In left medium you can see one collapsed sapling. In middle the other one was held by other saplings. In right upper corner is the sapling remain undamaged.


The Feds is in rage when I revealed they are using acoustic weapon and upgrade their attack. With the method to damage the roofing they are forcing me to get into a trap of killing, or otherwise to plant or install murder weapon on roofing in the name of contractor. (see #144,145,211,867)


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Re: Acoustic weapon killing

Post by Admin on Sat Jul 09, 2016 4:16 pm

515. Bay Bridge shutdown and Minneapolis bridge collapsing (10/18/07)

From June 2006 to September 2007, in 15 months, Bay Bridge was closed (or partly closed) for four times. All related to the alleged framed case.

1. My father fell and had a surgery in later May 2006. He was in critical condition then. There was an announcement for work on Bay Bridge at the week-ends of 6/4 to 6/5.

2. Bay Bridge closed on Labor Day (9/3-9/5/2006). It coincided with alleged 9/2 action day of September plot 2006. (see "433. 9/2 plot (9/5/06)") Combined with event happened in June, I realized that Feds would murder my parents, and force my sister to take Tunnel Bart in emergence visit. A terror attack would take place in tunnel.

3. Then on 4/29/2007, an oil tank crashed at highway 880 and burned down Highway 580 which happened to be the main exit of the Bay Bridge. It played the mission to close Bay Bridge partly. (see " 482. The collapse of Highway 580. (5/3/07)") Authority originally announced that the re-build of the highway would take six months. But they then finished the work in less than a month.

I think the burned down of Highway was a hurried plan after the failure of 4/17/2007 plot when I started to reveal 4/16 Virginia Tech massacre was done by Feds. But in May when a much bigger plot was made, Feds dramatically finished that highway re-construction.

4. In that much bigger plot, they closed the Bay Bridge on 8/31 to 9/3, planned a nuclear terror attack on 8/30, and a stock market harvest and Iran war as well.

Feds made the decision in May. Then hurriedly finished the burned down highway work. At same time, Democrats suddenly ended their fight against Bush in the House and released the Iraq war fund. That fund, was for Iran war.

In June, US troops increased in Iraq in the name of surge. Actually, it was for Iran war. On 6/30, a brief news said Bay Bridge would be closed on Labor Day.

In July, Putin was invited to Bush's private ranch in Main. I alleged a secret deal has been made. Russia would be witness of "Iran's ambition for nuclear weapon" to justify the coming Iran war. Then new President of France was invited to US for a vacation. Another secret deal has been made. France would be new ally in Bush's Iran war.

On August 1, the interstate 35W bridge in Minneapolis collapsed. Media made it a big news.
When I read the full pages news and picture in Mercury News on 8/2, I thought, it might be a cover up job for the shutdown of Bay Bridge. Really, when I turned to Local edition, a big article with a big title caught my eye. "Bay Bridge will be closed on Labor Day". A collapsing bridge made the shutdown of Bay Bridge full justified.

Interesting reference:
Quote, "1stmilitia PHILADELPHIA,
Posted: Aug 3, 2007 7:46 AM
We have received information across our newswires that indicates an Ultra-low Freqency Blast as reported by the Russian Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics in Irkutsk originated from Latitude: 45° 00' North Longitude: 93° 15' West at the precise moment, and locale, of a catastrophic collapse of a nearly 2,000 foot long bridge in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This is obviously the Interstate 35W Bridge spanning the Mississippi River. The Russian Military further stated that a calamity of this size could only have occurred with the use of an "acoustic" weapon which the U.S. military is "known to possess." Interestingly enough, Augsberg College has involved itself into research pertaining to acoustic weaponry and is located ONE MILE from Interstate 35W Bridge!! To further elucidate on the power of such weaponry we cite this CNN report;



Posted By: Guarded_Optimist <Send E-Mail>
Date: Thursday, 9 August 2007, 12:08 a.m.

Bridge engineers Ted Galambos and Robert Ballerini say the Minnesota I-35W bridge should not have collapsed the way it did. They seem to have expected a situation similar to the Webber Falls, Oklahoma bridge collapse of May 26, 2002, where a barge hit the bridge, but only one localized section fell.


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Re: Acoustic weapon killing

Post by Admin on Fri Jul 22, 2016 6:33 pm

913. Deal of roof repair (7/18/2016)

Five weeks ago, I felt a strong, long lasting vibration on ground. I wrote #908. Quote: "I put those events together and alleged they were done by the Feds. I knew there was acoustic weapon. It damages objects by resonance. My wife then forced me hard to order a roof repair.(last year) She had a cheap deal introduced by her friend. I insisted to find a regular contractor with workers safety insurance. I don't want to fall in the trap of the Feds. The broken apple tree was just at the foot of badly leaking roof. If the beam that support the roof was broken like the balcony of Berkley, that tree could be a buffer to save someone's life from a two storey's falling."

I would say my feeling is very accurate. That vibration is about the roof. Yesterday morning(7/17/2016), a man came to my house. My wife said he was a contractor once had repaired my daughter's house. Now he came to inspect the roof of my house. The man left without any deal. He said he only repairing the roof for one storey house. The house of two storeys was not in his region. He introduced another company to my wife.

The man of the other company came right away in the afternoon and signed a contract with my wife. I didn't join the talk of the roofing deal. I know it was just a show. I rarely heard of a roofing man only repair one storey houses'. My wife just did what the Feds told her to do. see "875. My wife works for the Feds ((1/3/2015)".I just gave her my advice: to deal with a regular company which having its worker's safety insured.

I believe the Feds try to frame me in a roofing collapse case which I have predicted five weeks ago. see: "908. Acoustic weapon (6/13/2016)" .


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Re: Acoustic weapon killing

Post by Admin on Tue Jul 26, 2016 4:36 pm

914.Attempt murder (7/23/2016)

Out of massive murder plots the Feds planned, this "falling death" of roofing incident has years' long history.

My wife signed the roofing contract on 7/17. That day she suggested to cut off a tree in front house. I remembered the broken apple tree. see #909. Resonance to damage (2). The apple tree, was in back yard, a few feet to neighbor's house, so was easy to break under acoustic weapon radiation. The front tree, faces an open space of lane and street, is not so easy to be damaged. The tree can play same role as a buffer when someone falls from roof. It seems the Feds would arrange a "falling death" operation.

Next morning when I got up at 6:15, I found my wife's car was not in parking lot. Where had she been so early in the morning? I thought she might have been called for a meeting for "roofing mission". Soon after she came back it's office hour. She hurried out with two empty boxes which she abandoned at staircase for some time. She was going to throw them away. Tree and empty boxes, both were good buffer to deal with a falling object. The purpose of the Feds is very clear.

I Check the phone book, Other big company written with "License, Bond & insured". "Westshore Roofing Inc" has only "license". My wife insisted that the staff guaranteed they insured the workers. I urged her to get a written claim in paper. Oral guarantee is not evidence. She refused.

Day after day, the vibration becomes stronger and stronger. The Feds determined to damage the roof beam by resonance to frame a "falling death" incident. I wrangled with my wife for two days, She denied she felt vibration though it's now become strong. I want her to abandon that contract. At last she burst into rage.She said what she spent is her own money. I failed.

It's sad, that my wife believes the Feds will treated her well because she works for them. It's sad an innocent man will die in an arranged "accidental murder" This will happen in next few days.

915. Photos censored to cover up (7/25/2016)

The Feds has moved my pictures away and changed the privacy setting into "me only" in my homepage of Facebook to block public to learn the truth.

Yesterday(7/24), I posted #909 in Christian forum, got a reply to point out the picture was not there. "Looks like someone doesn't want you to share that video!!!"

The address of the picture became a notice:"This Facebook post is no longer available. It may have been removed or the privacy settings of the post may have changed.

Help Center(F)"

I went to my home page in facebook and found the photo column was emptied. Someone moved the photos away and the privacy of the album was changed into "me only" so others won't be able to see the pictures I posted there.

My homepage in facebook:

The censored pictures are mostly about the broken apple tree, the collapsing saplings. They relate to acoustic weapon I recently talked of.

Obviously it is part of their "Roofing murder plot".

916. Rogue's way to censor my posts(7/25/2016)

Identical censorship methods proves my reveation of "acoustic weapon" and "Roofing death murder plot" are very true. The Feds are afraid of it.

There are two web sites carry on my long time threads. One is "the dispatch", the other one is "the activist post".

From 6/13 to 7/14, junk posts filled the message board of "the dispatch", squzee off normal posts. On 7/14, "the dispatch" had to move into a new address without a notice. It also abandoned its message boards.

From 7/14 to until now, "the activist post" is attacked by similar junk posts. From timing, we can see the attack cyber team transfer their target from one into the other on 7/14.

See how identical the attacks look alike.

The attack on "the dispatch" started on 6/13. It coincided with my first message "908. Acoustic weapon (6/13/2016)" I wrote that message after I felt a strong, long lasting ground vibration. The feeling is very true. The Feds started a big operation to eliminate me, and my revelation as well.

I believe my posts will be wiped out from internet after the elimination of my life. So keep them in your memory if possible.


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Re: Acoustic weapon killing

Post by Admin on Sat Aug 13, 2016 8:21 pm

917. Weapon to cause a fall(8/4/2016)

Recently I suffered headache. It happened especially when I sat down doing something. I think it may be the result that the Feds shooting me with EM wave ray. Although they can create a roof collapse incident by resonance weapon, they can do it by other method too.

Another way to create a falling death on roofing plot is to shoot the target by EM radiation. Here is a story I alleged the Feds used that weapon to punish the disobedient polician.

Quote from #409. "In the struggle to control FBI, Feds also activated that weapon. In early 1993, the director of FBI was William Sessions. Obviously he was not a favor of DOJ.

Quote, "Sessions Home After Breaking Elbow, Insists He Won't Quit; (7/19/93, L.A.TIMES)
FBI Director William S. Sessions, who refused to resign despite Justice Department findings that he abused his office, was fired on July 19, 1993 by Pres Bill Clinton, (7/20/93 L.A.Times)

Sessions was attacked by DOJ with trifles. He refused to resign. Then he was attacked by EM wave ray. He fell and broke his elbow. He wouldn't compromise. Day off he was fired by President Clinton who was obedient to the DOJ. Clinton later had fallen too in an accident when he had conflict with FBI. In all these cases, I allege the EM wave ray has been used."

918. Facebook harassment (8/8/2016)

The photo column of My facebook account is harassed. I can't access it for most time.

apple tree broken by acoustic weapon.

broken branch on bottom.

Broken end at upper right corner. You can see fresh yellow wooden of broken end. No rot at all.


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Re: Acoustic weapon killing

Post by Admin on Sun Oct 02, 2016 3:00 pm

921. Provocation from roofing workers (9/7/2016)

The roofing work seemed finished in early August. In the work there were provocation from workers.

I have an extend ladder in back yard. The roofing workers used it in first day. I then hid it in garage. Next day, they went into the garage to take it out to use it again. Further more, I have electricity
extension cord stored in sitting room, roofing workers went into my home to pick it up using for their tool like its their home. I was angry. Ladder and electricity extension cord are basic tools for the
roofing contractor, how could they using customer's? How could they know where I hide them? My wife said she allowed them to use it. I then realized it's a deliberate provocation. I didn't agree with that contract. If I argue with the workers for the tool, they might say it proved I admitted the contract. So I kept in silence.

On Aug. 2, the drainage gut was installed. The job was done. The workers left with their tools except two of their ladders.

One was for ground floor roof, the other one was put up on ground floor roof to reach the 1st floor roof. The two ladders were left there for more than a week. They did have a lot of extra ladders. But why did they leave two ladders there? Wish me to go to the first floor roof to inspect their job?

I didn't. I wrote "917. Weapon to cause a fall(8/4/2016)".

922. Cover up operation for Acoustic weapon (9/8/2016)

On August 8th, two ladders were still there, apparently waiting someone to go to the top floor roof. So I wrote "918. Facebook harassment (8/8/2016)", showing a picture of broken branch of the apple
tree." I emphasized that "the broken end is fresh yellow", there was no reason to justify the branch broken off incident. From that time on, I started to suspect it was caused by acoustic weapon and the plot linked with roof leaking and repair contract and "falling death".

Four days later, a news caught my eye. A woman was hit by a falling branch in San Francisco on Aug.12, 2016. I think that was a swift response to my message #918.

San Francisco Woman Paralyzed After Tree Branch Lands on Her


City arborists have determined the pines in Washington Square park are in good condition, and say what happened to Zhou was a freak and tragic accident.

I think it was a cover up operation done by that acoustic weapon team. The broken tree was in "good condition" story was published nation wide by mainstream media.

The purpose is to prove that healthy tree can break off inexplicably.


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Re: Acoustic weapon killing

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